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How Successful People Make the Most of Their Grand Piece Online Map GPO

The famous anime One Piece closely affects the GPO Map game, a -group Roblox sport. In order to defeat their opponents, gamers ought to exert all in their attempt to attain their complete ability.

And getting a lift to maximize your character’s stats is by no means a horrific thing. In a fiercely aggressive combat-based sport like Grand Piece Online. Having a plan in region makes cruising at the open seas a great deal extra enjoyable, of course.

This e book consists of specified maps of each sea areas in addition to the whole GPO map. Knowing the whereabouts of each island will permit you to choose a particular vacation spot and journey with purpose. Let’s soar proper in, shall we? Put in your preferred eyepatch.

GPO Map Update:

GPO Map Update  is sooner or later to be had due to the fact the sport has sooner or later obtained an replace after an extended period. And all and sundry is curious as to what is going to be discovered on this subsequent release. Let’s speak the GPO Map Update.

You can take a look at new islands on this state-of-the-art sport replace.

  • Bark Thriller.
  • Faro Island.

Sea Map 

Here is the listing of two GPO maps as follows:

  • 1st sea map
  • 2nd sea map.

You can examine extra approximately the Grand Piece Online Map (GPO) map sport. You can view the snap shots of those GPO maps displayed below:

Maps at the Grand Piece

Grand Piece Online overworld is split into the First Sea, additionally called the Sea of Phooey, and the Second Sea (or the New World).

You might also additionally find out maps of each areas, a listing of all of the islands in every, suggestions in your stage whilst traveling them, and a listing of the products you may discover on every island below. We’ll additionally cowl Skype (Land of the Sky), that is the First Sea’s biggest inhabited region.

Map: Sea Place of Availability

  • Winter Wonderland (degree – 350) (degree 350) Purchasable >> Everlasting Pose Drops > Gift of Shield or Festival Shield and of Outfit / Santa’s Outfit, Gift of Outfit / Santa’s Outfit and the Gift of Tall Hat / Tall Elf Hat and Gift of Horns or Reindeer Horns and Gift of Rudolph or Rudolph’s Hat of Beard / Santa’s Beard, Gift of Beard / Santa’s Beard The Gift of Armor of Armor Bell Armor, Gift of Scarf/ Peppermint Scarf of the Season, The Gift of Tree / Festival Tree Hat and the present of Lancer or Festival Lancer
  • Colosseum of Arc – Any Level
  • Desert Kingdom (degree – 325)– Purchasable >> Eternal Pose, Karoo Mount, Karoo Food – Drops > Kingdom Guard Outfit, Cho’s Crown, Crab Cutlass, Pharaoh Akshan Cape, Golden Hook.
  • Spirit Island (Any – Level)– Purchasable >> Boshoku V2
  • difficult Waters (degree 325 – 325) – Drops >> Sea Serpent Kraken
  • Sashi Island (degree – 325) – Purchasable >2 Sword Style drops > Musashi Hat and Musashi rose Katana Musashi Crimson Katana and Musashi Karuta.

Sea GPO Land of the Sky Map Locations

  • Sky Town District 2 (stage 100)– Purchasable >No Drops – None None
  • Sky Colosseum (any – stage)– Purchasable >Potions – Drops None
  • Malcom’s Lair (stage 45)– Purchasable >> > None – Drops Malcom, Shotgun (five%)
  • The Tree (stage among a hundred twenty five and 120) – Purchasable >Skyping Glide Ability Drops greater than Bruno Bazooka and Burn (five five %)
  • Heaven’s Gate (any degree) – Purchasable >None Drops None
  • Golden City (stage – 155.0)– Purchasable >Kenbunshoku Haki drops greater than Enel, Golden Staff (five five %)), Tomoe Drums (1 percent)
  • Sky Castle (stage 111) 110) – Purchasable >> > None – Drops Head Guardian Head Guardian, Guard’s Helmet (five five percent), Sky-blue Katana (five percent)
  • Sky Town District 3 (stage 135) – Purchasable >No Drops – None None
  • Sky Town District 1 (any stage) – Purchasable >Potions and Drops None

GPO Sea of Phoeyu Map Locations

  • Sphinx Island (Level 60) – Purchasable >No Drops – None Gorilla King Gorilla King Crown (five five %)
  • Coco Island (any – stage) – Purchasable >Diable Jambe – Drops > None
  • Armlong Park (Level 80) of)– Purchasable >> > None – Drops Armlong, Kiribati (five%)
  • Fishman Island (Level 190) 90) – Purchasable >> Fishman Karate Drops > None
  • Roca Island (any stage) – Purchasable >One-Sword-Style Katana Drops > None
  • Elo’s Island (Level – 250) – Purchasable >No Drops Elo the Bunny. Elo’s Hammer (five%), Hoodie (five%-25%), Rainbow Halo (five%), Wonder Balloons (five%)), Star Shades (five five%)), Mini Bunny (five percent)
  • Orange Town (Level – 50) – Purchasable >> > None – Drops Clown, Buggy Cape (10%) Clown, Buggy Cape (10 10 percent)
  • The metropolis of Shell (Level 20)– Purchasable >> Galleon, Hammer, Potions Barrels, Drops Logan, Metal Jaw (25 25 %)
  • Kori Island (Level – 80) – Purchasable >> Boshoku Haki Drops > None


We truly wish which you discover this GPO map reference useful. When it involves exceptional video games, “too many” is an oxymoron.

If you need to take a wreck from crossing the seas, test out our choice of unique Roblox games. The recreation is amusing and interesting to play. Thank you for analyzing this article.

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