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How to Outsmart Your Boss on Banana Split Switches

Banana Split Switches

Banana break up switches are an important issue of your keyboard; they tell your laptop of the important thing you’ve hit whether or not typing or gambling a game! There are several styles of switching systems, inclusive of rubber domes and mechanical switches.

An instance of a linear mechanical transfer is the banana break up transfer. An evaluate of the various styles of keyboard switches has already been included on this section. So if you’re uncertain of the sort of transfer you should purchase in your keyboard, study that post.

What Are Linear Switches?

Linear switches are a type of mechanical transfer that your keyboard can use to sign up and input keystrokes. Linear switches offer little to no tactile comments while the keys are pressed, even if the keystroke is registered correctly due to the fact the switches are extraordinarily sensitive; they require nearly no pressure for the transfer to sign up the keystroke.

Specification of banana split switches

Switch TypeLinear
Housing MaterialNylon and Polycarbonate Blend
Stem MaterialPolyoxymethylene (POM)
Spring PlatingGold Plated
Actuation Force62 g
Bottom Out Force63+ g
Price per Switch~$0.66 USD

Are Banana Split Switches Good?

Budget-friendly alternatives include banana splits. At an incredibly low cost, they provide robust nylon and polycarbonate housing with a gold-plated stem. They work well for both computer use and gaming, especially if you game or type a lot.

Is Using Banana Split Switches for Gaming Good?

Compared to conventional Rubber Domes, Click, or Tactile switches, Banana Split switches offer a quicker response time and less force required to activate them. As a result, you have to hit the key less often before the game executes your action.

Because of their excellent responsiveness, they are fantastic for gaming. Many seasoned gamers swear by linear switches because they are sensitive in-game.

C³Equalz X TKC Banana Split Switches

C³Equalz X TKC Banana Split is a custom linear transfer with a mild 45g actuation pressure and 62g backside out.

  • Linear
  • 45g actuation pressure
  • 62g backside out pressure
  • 5-pin PCB mount


  • Linear transfer with 62g spring. These have a easy keypress with out a tactile bump.
  • Nylon and polycarbonate mixed housing, with POM (polyoxymethylene)stem.
  • PCB mount.
  • Pre-lubed in factory – very mild application. You can lube those switches on pinnacle of this.
  • Packaged in a brand new difficult plastic case with a decal snap lid. Easily reusable and best for containing spare switches.
  • Designed through C³Equalz and synthetic through JWK.

Note: These had been formerly offered through different companies beneath Neath the running improvement name ‘Macho.’ These aren’t a JWK recolor; they use a proprietary C³Equalz housing mold.

Banana Split Switches: Features

Housing Material

Switch housing incorporates all of the mechanisms of the transfer and each encapsulates the transferring elements allowing them to characteristic successfully and protects them from the outdoor factors of the world.

Housing can be any color, however, within side the case of Banana Split Switches the housing is crimson and pink that’s a pleasant alternate of tempo from the equal old black and red/blue/brown switches.

Banana Split switches make use of housing shaped from a mix of nylon and polycarbonate. This makes them sturdy, smooth, and successful of dealing with up to stress, even in case your backside them out from time to time. The housing additionally protects the transfer itself from any elemental harm like water or dust.

Stem Material

The part of the transfer which you press to make a keystroke is referred to as the stem. If the stem is assemble of a particularly vulnerable material, it’d be issue to breaking while pressed.

Even now, bottoming out your keys and urgent them too tough in trendy can harm the stems. Companies were looking for better, greater long lasting substances in order that they’ll maintain the usage of the transfer’s light-weight design.


For a few switches to perform greater without problems while you press the buttons, you should lubricate the stems and springs. The Banana Split switches do, however, come gently lubricated.

You can upload a bit bit greater lubrication in case you decide upon a fluid, smoother movement. However, the bulk of people won’t want some thing greater than pre-lube.

A spring’s plating

Spring costs vary, however normally speaking, easy stainless steel springs are greater expensive. Although the distinction might also additionally first of all appear to be simply cosmetic, there’s a purpose why gold-plated springs are developing in popularity.

Gold is greater without problems proof against corrosion and rust than stainless steel. Gold or gold-plated keyboard springs are commonly favored via way of means of humans who’ve skilled keyboard spring corrosion or rust considering that they’re greater long lasting over time.

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