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A Few Things People Don’t Know About Skull candy Crusher 2014

Skull candy Crusher 2014

Observe the Skull candy Crusher headphones and think, “what connectivity?” True, the ones aren’t Bluetooth, but, they aren’t relics of the Seventies either. The protected cable features as a barebones one-button a long way-flung and included microphone. This is enough to pause and resume audio playback and to answer and surrender calls, anticipate you’re plug proper right into a phone.

The mic is first rate and in fact specific enough for the occasional call, but, given the scale of these, it isn’t in all likelihood that you’ll be making call after call using the ones headphones.

Battery Feedback in Skull candy Crusher

Why do the ones need a battery? The answer lies with within the low surrender. While the Skull candy Crusher headphones will paint without the battery, they won’t paint as intended. The Sensation55 using pressure that offers the bass that gives the ones headphones their name requires an single AA battery, placed behind the left ear cushion.

Luckily you won’t want to exchange it very often. Skull candy claims 40 hours of playback from a unmarry battery, and that’s with the bass slider set all the way up. It isn’t wonderful how loads battery is keep thru pulling the slider down a bit, but at least you in no manner need to worry about the sound disappearing entirely.

Sound Quality in Skull candy Crusher

As said already, the Skull candy Crusher headphones employ certainly considered one among a type drivers. While the Sensation55 offers the sound and feel of the low surrender. The REX40 using pressure offers the whole lot else. In addition to the multiple drivers, the ones headphones are also acoustically port, to further boom bass and reduce distortion.

Lower Area in Skull candy Crusher

The lows are, of course, the precept event at the challenge of these headphones. Skull candy makes a massive deal of mentioning that you can feel the bass, and this isn’t best a marketing and marketing gimmick. The Sensation55 using pressure isn’t a traditional speaker. Instead, it creates mechanical vibration. That approach that which those low notes hit, it sends the ones vibrations via the headphones and, additionally, you.

For the most element this is very cool. Using the adjustable slider the bass can range from mild to genuinely huge depending on your preference. The only trouble is that what bass is intensify varies depending on. How the music you’re paying attention to is combine. Mostly the whole lot had a deep pleasant low surrender. However, I did run into a few songs in which certainly the kick drum modified into accentuated, for example.

Mid Area in Skull candy Crusher

As we flow into up the frequency range. The effects are more of a blended bag. However the center are the weakest thing thru a few distance. The midrange throughout is flat and uninteresting, despite the fact that the lower center are the first rate defined. There is a especially boxy tremendous throughout the 800 Hz – 1 kHz area. That in headphones virtually geared towards bass enthusiasts, I would possibly have assumed is probably more subdued. It is viable that this area is given a bump to help vocals stand out with the bass slider maxed out.

High Area in Skull candy Crusher

Moving into the immoderate end, topics beautify dramatically. The highs are crisp and clear, with out going so far as to sound harsh. While it’s obvious that the highs weren’t dealt with with identical loving care. Because of the low end, there’s nevertheless hundreds to like here.

Looking at exclusive factors of the sound, the soundstage is reasonably narrow. While stereo separation is obvious, it isn’t particularly highlight. For lots of people searching for the ones headphones (i.e., bass heads) this shouldn’t be a massive deal, but, it’s a long way without a doubt nicely really well worth mentioning.

As for distortion, the acoustical porting without a doubt hasn’t performed any harm. I drove the amount up quite an extended manner with out audible distortion. It’s viable that the ones start to break up at the actually most levels, but on the one’s volumes, so should my ears.


Looking at whether or not or now no longer or now not advise the ones, I should ask a few questions. The first should be “do you need bass?” Assuming the answer is yes, the second one question should be “do you REALLY LIKE bass?” If so, you’ve were given possibly certainly examine your new select headphones, particularly in the $100 range.

The Skull candy Crusher headphones aren’t fill with features, and that they won’t appeal to everyone, but, if you’re looking for massive low bring about a comfortable, decently charge pair of headphones, you may without a doubt do hundreds worse than the ones.

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